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Thank you to all of our buyers this past season. We truly appreciate your confidence in our breeding program. Keep an eye out for our fall 2024 female consignments

Breeding Stock For Sale

Each year we offer replacement heifers to consignment sales in the fall and spring. Bulls are

marketed through sales in spring or by private treaty from the farm. 

Beef For Sale

Our cattle are raised in a low-stress environment throughout their lives. Animals are monitored daily and kept up to date on their preventative treatments in order to ensure optimal health status. Their rations will vary depending on age and stage of development, but is primarily forage based (pasture or hay) with supplemental concentrates (grain or pellets) over the winter months as energy requirements increase. Our animals are processed at a provincially inspected facility, and

butchered at a local meat shop prior to pickup. 

 Please contact us for more information if interested.

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