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About Us

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Poplar Creek Farm was established in 2020 with the relocation of Sean’s herd to Alberta. However, this herd began back in 1992 with the acquisition of Sean’s first cow, Poplar Park Misty Betsy 34A. Betsy 34A was the founding cow which almost all of today’s herd can be traced back to. The parent herd, Poplar Park Farm, was founded over 100 years ago near McConnell, Manitoba by Charles and Evelyn Brown, and is still running strong today under the oversight of Sean’s father, John Thompson.


Much like the herd back in Manitoba, Sean runs his herd with the commercial cattle producer in mind. Cattle are kept out grazing for as long as possible into the fall and winter. During the summer months, the use of rotational grazing ensures maximum productivity off of a limited number of pasture acres. Replacement heifers and young bulls are developed under a forage-based feeding program, with concentrate supplementation as needed to ensure linear growth without over conditioning.


Sound feet and legs are key selection traits for the Poplar Creek Farm herd. An animal needs to get around smoothly and be low maintenance, particularly when the terrain gets hilly. Thereafter, cow stayability is prioritized. Cows that can stay in the herd for years but also remain productive are our kind of females. For bulls, growth is an important selection criteria, while being able to maintain calving ease in their offspring and their daughter’s offspring.


Sean and Michelle, along with their son Oliver, are excited to continue expanding their herd. They look forward to seeing their cattle find new homes across Alberta, Canada and the United States.  

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